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Solarhosting is a project I am currently running that gives people access to affordable hosting! This is my biggest project so far with 4,300 signups! With this project I have gotten a lot of experience with system administrator work keeping servers online and everything running smooth. I have also gotten a lot of work with NodeJS and Python giving people support with there servers and helping people debug issues! I have also learned a lot about working with people, At the time of wrighting this there are 10 staff members.

Odd Games 🔴

This is a project I ran that gave people access to proxies and games to use in work or school where things are blocked! At the peak, we had 3,000+ users a day. This project was all open-sourced, and running it, I learned a lot about GitHub and making websites! I had a lot of fun making this project but ended up closing it after about 4 months because it took a lot to keep old games running and keeping up the community was a lot.

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Project Image

DeathSteal SMP 🔴

This is a project I ran for about 3 months, It was a minecraft java lifesteal server. At this project I had my first experience dealing with a community and using java. I coded a few custom plugins at my time there and grew a community of about 20 active players on at a time and 2,000+ player joins in total! I eneded up leaving the project after everyone started getting mad at me for changes and I was getting burnt out from playing minecraft everyday.